Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Guru Purnima Thoughts

Guru is creator, Guru is sustainer and Guru is destroyer: Guru dismantles structures of ignorance, nurtures positive values and inspires creative thoughts and actions. 

Guru teaches in silence and by personal example.
Guru is an ocean of bliss and a storehouse of perennial wisdom. 

Guru is deep, calm and all embracing.
Guru is God, Guru is Self and Guru is Preceptor. 
Guru is the door to Divinity.

Guru is supreme Consciousness.
Guru is motiveless Compassion. 
Guru is interpreter of scriptures.

Guru is father, Guru is mother, Guru is friend and Guru is the beloved. 
Guru is a true healer and an effective physician.
Guru cures the illness of consumerism and the blindness of narrow mindedness.
Guru is the alchemist who creates transformation by a touch, a gesture, a glance or a word. 

Guru is nature - the forests, the hills, the meadows, the valleys, the deserts, the rivers, the oceans, the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars- that teaches by just being.

Guru is our breath, our heart beat and our very existence.
Guru is the whisper of atman in stillness.

Guru is demandless love - a space where a million flowers can bloom, a million suns can burst forth and a million swans can take to flight.
Guru is joyful celebration - ananda utsava.

On this day, July 3 of the Aashadha month, shuklapaksha, pournami night, our Guru Sri Veda Vyasa was born thousands of years ago on a verdant island gently stroked by the silvery waters of mother Ganga. The son of a poor fisher woman, he grew up fatherless to become the foremost scholar and sage of the day and the founder of Hindu Dharma. Dharma is sustained by a inexhaustible succession of living, practicing preceptors. Dharma is to be interpreted and practiced according to the needs of the times. 

Guru is the repository, the vehicle and the transmitter of Dharma. Shri. Veda Vyasa is the first and foremost among all Hindu Gurus. Devotees of Hindu Dharma pay their respects and obedience to Sage Vyasa on this auspicious day by worshipping at the feet of their living Guru, by singing and offering services and reaffirming their commitment to the Guru tradition and Dharma teaching.

Swami Bodhananda
Sambodh Centre for Human Excellence
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Source: Guru Purnima Message on the occasion of Gurupurnima on 3 July, 2012
From: www.sambodh.org

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